First of all, GILMAN IS NOT CLOSING. That was a poorly timed joke be someone who thought it would be funny to “rick roll” people on the same day that Uptown Lounge in Oakland announced they were closing their doors permanently. Dude needs to understand that jokes are all about the timing.

Anyway, here is a video I have been wanting to share for quite a while now, but I am glad we waited. The multitrack audio sounds fantastic! Ethan Zeitman did a really great job with the mix. Also, some of my gopro’s were cleared off stage right before the band started and it kinda screwed up my shot, but Daniel Hague was there and his angle was exactly what we were missing, so it all worked out.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy & Daniel Hague
Equipment used: Canon HFG30 x2, Canon HFG40, Dan’s HD camera .
Multitrack remix by: Ethan Zeitman
Edit: Tromster

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