The Stone Foxes hail from San Francisco. They played Harlow’s in Sacramento on their Fall 2018 Tour with Tango Alpha Tango:


It’s worth your time to check out their website while you’re listening to this show. After the enjoyable read about how the founding Koehler brothers came together with the other members of the band, and some great blurbs from Denis Leary, Entertainment Weekly, Pandora, and (my favorite) NPR/WXPN’s World Cafe, there’s a note about an important and vital service called The Goodnight Moon Project, “an effort by The Stone Foxes to raise awareness for homelessness through music. As we collect food at shows and share the voices of homeless and hungry musicians, we hope the music inspires you to help. Simply, we believe that everyone has a face… a name… and a voice.” You can’t beat that kinda real love. Thank you, Stone Foxes! Your music is top-notch and transporting, and one wouldn’t imagine you could improve on that – but you do, with direct action in communities suffering with homelessness and hunger. Sweet, healing rock & roll, guys! Keep up the good work. We’re listening.

The Lineup:

Shannon Koehler // Vocals, Harmonica, Drums
Vince Dewald // Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Ben Andrews // Guitar, Violin, Vocals
Brian Bakalian // Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Elliott Peltzman // Keys, Vocals
Spence Koehler // Guitar, Vocals

“Driving this Weekend?  Listen to Twelve Spells by The Stone Foxes…Time will fucking fly.” – DENIS LEARY


Recorded by: Jim McLain



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