I don’t have much time to write something up today, but here is another new edit from older footage. We did not do this one for 2 reasons- audio and lighting. The board tape for this show was not great, so I had planned to matrix it with the audience. When I tried to put them together, it just made Jesse’s vocals more squelchy and distorted… so audience mic only for this one. Gilman’s lighting is hit and miss, and it was extremely uneven for this show. So Cinder glows like a ghost in some angles and you can see the rest of the band well, and she looks fine in others (my camera) while everyone else is dark. Oh well. This is probably the best Pathogens show I saw. I really need to get their album.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HFG40, HFG30 x2
Audio: Rode Videomic Pro Stereo
Edit: Tromster

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