This show came up in conversation with Joe McKinney earlier this week and I went to send him the link… and I never posted it. So here you all go- the second to last show in 2016 before 7 seconds took their 6 year break.
Kevin is also taking song requests for the setlist for the band’s shows next year. Watch this and head over to his post and submit yours.
I am posting video during the week because I figured that hardly anyone would pay attention to a post on Friday (xmas eve) and Saturday (xmas), so you get your videos early. There will be another very special one tomorrow, if everything goes right…

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Crap, I don’t really remember. In 2016, it was probably Canon HFG30 x2, and another camera side stage (G10?). This was pre-Gopro.
Edit by Tromster

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