A little background on my transfer setups: I have 3 PC’s for music work. One captures audio only (windows XP!), One captures VHS/8mm video/mini DV, and the other one is my main computer that does everything else.

So I am on the VHS transfer PC and I see a stray folder called “HFG10 Tripod”. Hmmm, that type of HD file isn’t supposed to be on that PC… it turns out that it was a second angle of this classic Croissants show, when they opened for the Adolescents 5 years ago! So we took the original G30 angle and edited it together with the nice sounding soundboard and this newly discovered G10.

Fun fact about this show- Tony and the rest of the Adolescents loved The Croissants’ set so much, that they had them open up BIG shows for them at the Observatory in orange county. How cool is that?

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HFG10, Canon HFG30
Soundboard recorded with Sony PCM-M10
Edit by Tromster

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