I posted this one a few years ago, before I knew how to use all of this video enhancement software so the raw angles were edited together. This time around, we put a lot of work up front into enhancing each angle to get the colors to match (as much as this color blind guy can manage). Jim McLain also helped with the G10 ladder angle- the lighting was very uneven before, and he was able to even it out with some effect in adobe premiere.

here is the original description:
Thanks to everyone for making it happen- Corbett for helping me get into the show, Dan for shooting the stage camera, Jason for the audio mix (man it sounded good in there), and Agelos for editing it all together.
I FINALLY GOT THE OK to post this!!

Filmed by Shayne Stacy with 1 Canon HFG30 on a monopod, 1 Canon HFG10 mounted to the ladder, and Daniel Hague holding an HFG10. Audio via Sony PCM-M10 & DPA4061 mics.
Enhancements/color correction by Jim Mclain and Shayne Stacy in Adobe Premiere and Neat Video
Audio remix by Anonymous
Multicamera edit by Tromster

It was definitely a team effort!

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