Tiltwheel came to town last night and put on a great show. Davey was hilarious and the band and audience were having a blast. It was one of the most joyful shows I have seen in a while. I popped this up quick because I knew that Cory Weigert and Joe McKinney wanted to see it. Thanks to Sean Hills for putting on the show, and it is always nice to see Lys Mayo and Audrey Motzer. The video itself is only so-so. The lighting at the club is low and most lighting comes from behind the band. Also, the middle of the stage is way brighter than the rest. SO, I put my camera on “automatic” to deal with it all, and it did pretty well… except for the audio. I guess when I put the camera on auto, it applies to audio as well. Oh well. It’d not bad, it’s just not as good as I expected. Enjoy!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy


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