After posting this one at Tom’s request, Jim Mclain reminded me that he was filming that night as well. I handed my footage over to him and he edited the 2 angles together and even matrixed the audio- my camera audio is in 1 channel and his is in the other. It works out great as mine was vocal heavy and he picked up more guitars. Thanks Jim!
Anyway, this is such a great show- this was the band’s first show back after many years, and it was their 20th anniversary show. Lots of special guests: Tim White! Rochelle Sparman! Ted Angel! We even get a rare “close but no cigar” with Tim.
Jim Mclain- were you there? This may be a good one that we can work on as a multicam.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy and Jim Mclain
Edit by: Jim Mclain
Equipment used: Canon HFM30 with stock mic and Canon HFR500(I think)

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