Quite a while back, Danny had bands play full cover sets of other bands during his F*ck Cancer show. The Secretions played and covered The Groovie Ghoulies for 45min. They did a great job, and it was fun to hear the songs live again. At this point, the Ghoulies had been broken up since 2007 and I don’t recall Kepi playing any electric sets with Ghoulies songs, so this was a rare treat.
Also, I missed posting yesterday. Now that I can enhance video, add better audio, and now do AI upscaling (new PC!), every video I check needs work before posting. Also, the holidays are packing my family schedule so I don’t have enough time to work them. Audio is fast and I can put one up every day. I will try my best to work a backlog of video uploads. I think I have better audio for this one and this could have used a degrain, but just went ahead and posted it because it is still awesome.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HF200 with internal mic

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