So word is out that The Boardwalk appears to be permanently closed, and is currently for sale. I guess the double-whammy of owner Mark Earl’s passing(R.I.P.) and COVID shutdowns did it in.
Like most others, I have mixed feelings about the venue. As a person who taped a lot of shows, their aggressive security approach was stressful… but that did lighten up in later years and I saw some really important(to me) shows there. Highlights were the last time I saw The Adolescents with Steve Soto, First time I saw the Muffs, and this show. When I would drive to work, I would glance at their marquee and there was usually a bunch of bands unfamiliar to me… but one day I did a double-take. Loudness was playing the boardwalk? I had been a fan since the early 80s (pre-hair metal).
I borrowed Anonymous’ mics and went to the show. It sounds ok, considering how LOUD they were. Claude may have been grouchy, but he was a pretty good soundman.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: DPA4061 Mics and Sony M-10

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