I was planning on posting a No Kill I tape today, but even when I set the age controls for 18+ on youtube, facebook would show the thumbnail, and that won’t do at all. You’ll need to see it to understand. If you want to see the planned post, go to http://www.sacramentomusicarchive.com and search “no kill I”.
Instead, I am posting a new and improved version of Xeroxica. This is the post that prompted Jason Dezember to contact me, and set the wheels in motion for Scott Miller to send me some tapes. Thanks again guys.

Here is my original post about this tape:
Since I have been locked down and not going to shows, local bands have not been represented enough lately. Here is a bunch of locals to make up for it.
I have been looking for this tape for YEARS and finally scored a copy on discogs a few months back. I excitedly popped it into the Nak Dragon and it sounded AWFUL- like you were listening with a pillow over your head. I figured it was the Nak’s auto adjustments so I waited for my new backup deck to be refurbished and… it sounds pretty much the same. I guess that’s just how it sounds. This is probably the most comically lo-fi “officially released” recording I have. Well done! I wonder if Secret Center Records went to the bands and asked them to spend no more than $10 on production of each song. It does get a little better toward the end- the No Kill I and Knockoffs songs are not too bad, production wise.

Master tape transfer by: Shayne Stacy
New transfer done with Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

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