A couple weeks back, Tim Foster messaged me and let me know that he found an OLD Knockoffs video tape in a box, and he wasn’t sure what was on it. I bring it back home and try to play it, and it immediately goops up my heads. After multiple attempts to play and clean heads, I get it to play… but it only plays static on the audio. I pop in a store bought VHS tape, and it plays audio on the VCR fine. This is happening for this tape and the desecration tape I posted yesterday. I try a different VCR, and I get audio. Never had THAT happen before. Like I have said before, this hobby is 20% transferring stuff, 5% actually enjoying the content, and 75% fighting with gear to get this stuff to work! Haha, it was totally worth it. Look at Tom’s beautiful head of hair.
So many songs that are either unreleased or pre- 12 Suckerpunches that were never played after this era. So cool. And it doesn’t sound awful for stock camera audio.
Thanks Tom (& Tim) for asking me to digitize this one. So awesome!

Recorded by: ?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Panasonic AG-1980 — Datavideo TBC1000 – Tevion USB Adapter — Virtualdub
Enhanced in Adobe Premiere Elements/Neat Video (Brightness/Contrat/Exposure/denoise)

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