It’s funny, I never thought that this was a very good performance. Now that I revisit it after 28 years, it was probably one of the best shows of the tour. The original perception was probably due to me being tired and hungover(this was the day after the “I went to the wrong state” debacle), plus it was the 3rd show in 4 days, and also the lighting in the venue being weak.
I was able to brighten this one quite a bit and de-snow the picture, I also boosted the color intensity up quite a bit (like 85%) because the original was bland as hell. I was also able to get Izotope to get a decent read on this one (audience recordings are hit and miss) so I was able to boost guitar and vocals. The guitar was really low in the mix in the room.
Great performance, and probably the best I have ever heard Bill play with UT.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Sony TR-81 camcorder, Sony TCD-D3 DAT w/Nakamichi CM300 mic
Brighten/denoise: Adobe premiere elements, Neat Video
Audio remix in Izotope RX7
Audio Video synch via pluraleyes.

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