After they ended the Tombstone Blues set, the band took about a 1 minute break and played a 45 minute ghoulies set. It was so much fun- you will hear a “clink” and a dropout at about 11:30 into the recording. The deck & mic fell off of the heater and hit Kevin Scott in the head. Sorry!
This whole night was fuzzy, but I remember the tiny house (700 sq ft) being WAY too packed with 100+ people, I remember getting way too drunk and being hung over for 2 days after for the first (and only) time ever, and I remember my band playing a song without rehearsal for the first time in 5 years(that was not recorded). I also remember the cops coming, and kicking people out so I could sleep.
Recorded by: Shayne Stacy, on top of wall heater in the house (FOH)
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D10 & Nakamichi CM-300 Mic

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