I was a big fan of Bliss back in the late 80s- they were a cattle club mainstay and had a very different sound- sort of like some of the more obscure/instrumental SST bands and related- think Always August, Abecedarians, etc. Brandon (guitar) even played on of those Dan Armstrong clear lucite guitars.
I was up at a show in Nevada City a few years ago and someone tapped my shoulder. I turn around and it’s Brandon- instant recognition even though we had not seen each other for 25 years. It was wild.
This demo is a bit later on, after they moved more into the alternative funk/groove direction. They also picked up a new vocalist who I am not as familiar with. Thanks to Brandon for mailing me the CDs of the old demos. I still have the original demo of the late 80s stuff that I need to digitize.

Transferred by: Brandon Moore

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