Someone asked me to post this back in the March time frame. Sorry I am so slow with audio, but it takes a bit more work than video to transfer and prep. I had my video camera at the show, but I asked John Silva (Nirvana Mgr) if I could video and he shut me down. So, I took off to the upper section of the crest and hid in the seated area and audio taped. My audio setup at the time was HUGE- a Marantz PMD430 (bigger than a Sony D5), 2 namakichi CM300 shotgun mics, about 100 feet of cable. It was comical trying to sneak a recording with all that crap. This was transferred flat- no remix. I am pretty happy with it, given how LOUD they play!


Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Marantz PMD430 & 2x Nakamichi CM300 mics

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