As usual, I went to digitize this and found a whole new project to work. Here is SDG’s last show ever. My memories of the night are fuzzy- I remember that the I-Beam was packed and there was no place to tape, so it seems like I planted myself right in front of Carmela on stage because there was no other place to go. I also must have been kicked offstage at some point, as I filmed the end of the show from the back of the club. I also screwed up and unplugged/turned off my external mic so the encores are slient.
I also have a master audience recording of the show. I can’t remember who taped it since I was onstage- maybe Mark Martin? Anyway, the audio tape probably could be synched with the encore, but the tape sounds like it was encoded in dbx and I don’t have a dbx decoder! D’oh.
In summary, it was a wonderful mess. We’ll get the end of the show synched with audio someday.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 & Sony ECM090 mic

Denoise/degrain in Adobe premiere elements and neat video

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