Moving back over to the Uncle Tupelo archive that I digitized about 25 years ago. Here’s my story on that from a previous post:

Back in the early 90s, I was friends with Tony Margherita & Bob Andrews who managed Uncle Tupelo, The Bottle Rockets and many more. I had followed UT around and filmed/audio recorded over 10 shows in the span of a couple of years, including the 2 final shows in St. Louis. Since the band was defunct (and Wilco was not the HUGE band they are today), Tony let my good friend Jim stop by and pick up “a few” cassettes in late 1994. Jim goes to the office and calls me:
J(whispering): Dude, there are like 50 tapes here. Do you have Coffee Creek?
Me: No
J: How about X(some other one)
Me: No. Just grab them all and I will sort them out.
So Jim grabs a box and shoves about 50 tapes in, and takes off. Bob and Tony were like    :-O. Haha! Thanks guys.
I am shocked that these are not online yet.

Thanks to michael Pemberton for the description/setlist below, and the flyer image from the show:
Before I Break (end)/ Graveyard Shift/ Sin City/ Wasn’t Born To Follow/ I Wanna Be Your Dog/ True To Life/ In The Street/ Song To Woody/ I Got Drunk (cut)

Partial soundboard recording.

Billed as an acoustic set, and the existing tape is all acoustic, but several attendees remember that they plugged in for much of the night. Contains the only known performance of Bob Dylan’s “Song to Woody.” Brian Henneman also played a few songs solo (no tape of his set has circulated), and it was at this show that he announced that Chicken Truck had broken up.

Recorded by: Tony Marghertia(?)
Transferred by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: 1994 DAT transfer- Playback with consumer Aiwa belt drive deck (big regret)- Sony DTC690 using monster audio cables.
Equipment used: 2019 DAT to WAV transfer: Sony PCM-R500 — Audiophile 2496 card — WAV
Transfer Lineage: Band Archive Tape – My DAT (90 meter DAT in 32khz- big regret) – You

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