I went to check my mail last night and my good friend Radley Hirsch sent me a surprise package with this inside. If you don’t know Radley, he was the guy who helped get Gilman started and was able to get Gilman’s first “real” sound system installed, along with upgrades over the years. He gifted me that original Gilman PA (the 2 main speakers) and they now sit in my studio.
Unfortunately, the postman crammed the disc into the tiny mailbox sideways and tweaked the CD, but I was able to salvage the data.
Here is the story behind this recording, straight from Radley: This is from when Neurosis asked to do a 7″. My friend Mark Brooks brought in an 8 track and another mixer and we remixed. The tracks are stereo vocals, stereo drums, 2 guitars, bass and a room mic.
This is 7 tracks from a much longer set. I reached out to the biggest Neurosis fan I know, and discovered that the raw board mix (which sounds totally different but still good) exists and the show is about 90min long! Wow.

Recorded by: Radley Hirsch and Mark Brooks
Transfer by: Radley Hirsch

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