In Stereo!
 0:29 George Benson
2:20 Crap
3:56 Luv Letters
6:18 Backwards Forwards
7:14 Korona Belly
9:20 Mousetrap
12:12 “Farrah Fawcett & Sid Vicious”
12:50 Mondo Freudo
14:40 Nirvana
16:02 God, Jerry & The P.M.R.C.
16:47 Not Politically Correct
18:16 “Dude, You’re So Rad”
18:47 False start / Bloated Housewife
21:26 As It Were
23:30 Mary’s New Dress
26:03 Quivering Lip
28:11 In A Nutshell
31:25 They Cut Out His Brain
33:21 Church Card
34:53 Creepy People
37:15 Nazi Inside of My Head
38:29 Abuse
42:01 World War IX
45:10 Drink The K-A
46:28 Amigos
48:46 Buffalo
49:34 Doo-Doo
51:35 “Call For Encore”
52:34 Things I Hate To Admit
55:20 “One More Song!”
56:34 Friends
Recorded by: Jerry Perry and Shayne Stacy
Edited by: Jim McLain

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