This was a special show- this was The Cattle Club’s first out of town booking. They were only doing shows 4 nights a month (every other thu and sat) at Club Me at that point.
Christ on Parade is one of my all time favorite bands, so it is really nice to dig this cassette out and give it a proper transfer. This was toward the end of the band’s run, so it is really interesting to hear the post- “mind is a terrible thing” songs here. Thanks to anonymous for taping- my video (even though it was done with the same model of mic) does not sound nearly as good.
Thanks to Brian for bringing the out of town bands to Cattle, starting with this show.
And before everyone asks, I don’t have the screeching weasel set.

Recorded by: Anonymous
Equipment used: Sony WMD6C & Sony ECM909 Mic
Transfer by Shayne using Nakamichi Dragon + bass boost in Sony Sound Forge.

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