Since Tim Soylan asked for it, here is an enhanced, complete version of Victims Family at Cotati Cabaret. I had hoped to synch my friend’s superior Sony D6 audio recording to this, but pluraleyes can’t read the stage audio well enough to match it up. That app drives me crazy sometimes. I will try to get my synch friend to do this one when he gets time. Anyway, you were right Tim- I see you playing during backward/forward at the 42 min mark.
I checked the site to see if we had enhanced this one before, and check out this week-plus span of shows:
5/20/89: Fugazi at Gilman
5/24/89: Victims Family and Short Dogs Grow at Cotati Cabaret
5/27/89: Neurosis and 7 Seconds at Gilman
5/28/89: Operation Ivy’s last show at Gilman
5/29/89: Death Angel at Cattle Club.
Holy shit, what an amazing run.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 and Sony ECM909 mic Velcro’d to the top.
Degrain/denoise with neat video

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