Here’s another one that we prepped for the clif bar event. Gilman was beyond packed for this show and there was no good place to video. I had to be close to the stage or onstage because my camera’s light sensitivity was terrible. I ended up filming the 70 minute show from right in front of Joe, on my knees the entire time so I wouldn’t be in his way.
This was my good friend “Anonymous” first time audiotaping with his Sony WMD6C. He got it that day. We always thought that it didn’t turn out well and wasn’t worth digitizing, but I was able to make it a LOT better in izotope.
Anyway, this is the best that this one is going to get.

Video recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80
Audio recorded by: Anonymous
Equipment used: Sony ECM-909 mic
Video enhanced (brighten/contrast degrain): Adobe Premiere and Neat Video
Audio Enhanced(boost guitar and vocal) Izotope RX7
Audio Video synch via Plural Eyes

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