Here is the very last band to play a Clear and Distinct Ideas show. 7 Seconds headlined Stewart’s last show ever. I cranked the brightness all the way up, please let me know if those stage lights are too annoying.
This is a fun video to watch if you like to hear Steve’s bass lines, not so much if you want to hear Kevin. I have an audience tape that was recorded FOH if anyone wants to synch it for me. REMINDER: I need help with edits, and audio/video synchs. As I work my way through my old masters, I am also digging out audience and soundboard masters that me & “Anonymous” recorded. Holler if you want to help!
PS: I think John Muheim was in my way for a lot of this show, before we knew each other!
PPS: Many appearances by Scott Oakes, who worked stage security. I miss that guy, it’s nice to see him here.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Aiwa CV80 and stock mic

Enhancement: Adobe Premiere increase brightness and exposure, denoise with neat video.

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