I heard Vomit Launch for the first time, opening a Stewart Katz show- it may have been a 7 seconds show in late 1986 and I liked them immediately. I think that this was their first Sacramento appearance after I bought my camera- back in the Clint/Jeff O’Toole/Greg Dean promoter gap between Stewart and Brian & Jerry.
I took my master and brightened it and de-noised it, then added “Anonymous”‘s audio, courtesy of an Aiwa handheld recorder with stock mic? Or it may have been a Sony ECM909 at this point. Anyway, it sounded better than my stock mic.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Aiwa CV-80
Audio: Anonymous, Aiwa Handheld recorder
Audio sync: Sam Habash, “thehappyone” on youtube.

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