Here is the next one from Russ Gibb- I posted the ALL set last week, here is the Doughboys set. Who is that talking about a lawyer at the end of the set? Is that Smalley? Haha, talking about suing the video guy is VERY punk rock imho.
A little about these tapes: Russ Gibb was a legendary promoter from the Detroit area in the 1960’s/70’s- who did a ton of other things: TV Station manager, School teacher, Disc Jockey, etc. Check his wikipedia for more info (in comments).
Russ passed away in 2019 and someone on Ebay has been auctioning off a bunch of his archival items- show posters, demo tapes, etc. Some of the items that got me interested were these videos. These are beta master tapes with raw footage for the back porch video series/TV show?.
Man, these beta video cameras must have been NICE studio cameras for the quality to be this good for 1988.
I just bought a used high-end beta player from Japan that will arrive next month, so I will try to get a better capture of these.

Recorded by: Russ Gibb and crew
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Transfer equipment: Sony SL-2300 into Datavideo TBC-1000 into Tevion capture card
Enhanced (degrain only) in Adobe premiere elements/neat video.

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