Man, would I hate to be a facebook employee today. It sounds like someone made a huge mistake over there and screwed up their IP routing, which then made their internal network non-functional, locking employees out of the building. So, if you were having a bad monday, there are others who have it worse.
Here’s another Alex Chilton set. Here’s what the biggest AC fan I know, Ross Weyman, had to say about it:
Another great Alex show – lots from the High Priest album which was one of my favs. With a few surprises like “Barrooms to Bedrooms” by David Willis (apparently some old country tune – lol – he had a knack). I’ll keep an eye out for your requests . Setlist is as follows:
Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo
Thing For You
Make A Little Love
Disco Lady (Johnnie Taylor)
September Gurls
Lost My Job
Thank You, John
Dalai Lama
Little GTO
Money Talks
Come By Here
Take It Off
Save Your Love For Me (Nancy Wilson)
No Sex
Alligator Man
Barrooms To Bedroom (David Willis)
Rockin’ Daddy (Eddie Bond and his Stompers)

Recorded by: ?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio 2496 card

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