I have been wanting to get this video synched up with the audio forever. This is the first concert I ever filmed! I borrowed Damon Brindle’s Dad’s camera. It was one of those ones that had the camera portion separate from a little portable VCR that actually did the recording. You hooked them together with BNC cables. The camera did not perform well, as you can see. But thanks to Derek Purtell (who did an amazing job of synching the master soundboard tape to this video), you can finally see this thing in “as good as it gets” quality. Enjoy! R.I.P. Mike Caboy & Don Adams.

Oh, the footage at the beginning is Greg Decay(Johnson) and I re-enacting my barfing off of their apartment balcony the night or weekend before.

Soundboard audio starts about 5:30 in.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Soundboard mix: Larry Craig

Video/sbd synch: Derek Purtell

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