I probably have too many projects going at once- today’s post comes from a project where I go through the list of already-created DVDs for any Sacramento-related content. I am working alphabetically, and am on Numbers and A’s so far. Still have the rest of the alphabet to go. Tons more 7 Seconds to be posted.
I am also digitizing some of my and other stuff for friends. I am almost done with most of those (except Brian McKenna’s and Dal Basi’s big boxes o’demos). I need to get tapes back to you all, and get the rest of those posted.
Plus, I am working on my master tapes and getting those posted, sometimes with the help of King Bean for audio synchs.
So we are not running out of things to do over here. If you’d like to help add posts to the archive, there are hundreds of existing posts on youtube that could be mapped, so please let me know if you’d like to help.

Today’s post comes from the 1980s tape trading underground. There were certain venues where you knew people taped a lot- City Gardens, Houston Venues, Washington DC, and this one. There was one guy who filmed a bunch of the stuff at The Anthrax club.

I didn’t film or digitize this one, so no credits this time.

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