This is going to be long. So, I went to this show with Matt Polish. In the 1984-1987 time frame, I was a mess. When I would hang out with Matt, we were like the Wonder Twins of debauchery.
I was the hugest DRI fan at the time. I knew every word to every song off the first 2 albums. Kurt saw me singing and gave me the mic during “nursing home blues”- I sang the “got no wife” line. Yes, you can’t hear me because I didn’t know how to sing into a mic. D’oh.
So Matt finds some of the guys from Cactus Liquors and has me pull my car behind the CCT, into a parking space in the alley. We go out to my car and start drinking tequila and talking about ToT and their new band. I have never had tequila before and I am trying to look cool to the band, so I drink WAY TOO MUCH. I pass out in the drivers seat of my car and Matt goes to hang out with Kurt.
I hear a tapping on my window later on. It’s a cop, waking me up. Shit. So I tell him I need to find my friend. I am holding myself up with the side of the alley, hoping to find Matt. I see him with Kurt right at the backstage door outside so I start yelling at Kurt. “KURT! KUUURT! Why do the vocals on Plastique sound different than the rest of the album?”. Kurt said that no one had ever asked him before and he goes into this big explanation about multitracking, stereo effects and delays while I wander away drunk. Matt could not believe this was happening.
He drives us home, and while we are in the drive through of Jack in the Box on Harding in Roseville, I lose my dinner. Matt: “Dude, did you have spaghetti for dinner?”. Yes, you dick.
The next thing I remember I am in my car. Sunlight is in my face and my nose is packed full of puke, and I have the worst hangover ever. I still went to work.
So, I never even knew a riot happened and I only caught the first part of the Discharge spectacle… but I was there. Kinda.
It’s amazing that the cop did not arrest my 19 year old ass for public intoxication. I guess he was busy enough that night. Also happy to not choke on my puke while sleeping.

EDIT: Matt tells me that we were in the car with Josh (bass from DRI), but I remember Tales of Terror guys.

Recorded by: Mark Martin

Equipment Used: Consumer Panasonic Recorder

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