Merry Christmas to all you Christians. Here’s some nice Christmas music from Thin White Rope.
I had uploaded the raw version of this a couple weeks back when I got it back from the tape restore company, but Adobe Premiere would not read the file. I asked the company what codec they used for transfer and they were all “it has no codec, it is lossless”. I gave up on it for a bit… then I was able to figure out how to make it work, thanks to avidemux. (sorry, extreme nerd talk today). So if anyone ever needs to know what codec a file is using, avidemux baby.
Anyway, here is the brightened and degrained version of the show. Enjoy.

Transfer by: Pacific Video Repair
Codec Conversion by Shayne in Handbrake
and Enhanced with Adobe Premiere Elements/Neat video (denoise/brightness/etc)

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