I LOVE Sacramento! I am so proud of everyone who showed up to protest the injustice we have seen. I might go on a run of “locals only” for a bit here. I also listened to Pressure Point while working out today which compounded the feeling.

Since there was some discussion about this show and debate about whether Redrum actually opened the show or not… here is proof. This is a transfer from Mike Parisi’s tape. I have 2 other copies of this show, but I did not get time to see which one was best.
This show has some CLASSIC banter from Carlos Yniguez. I swear, we gave him shit over this tape for at least 5 years after the show. Any time anything went wrong, we would exclaim “what is this f*cking thing?”. So much fun.
PS: Strangest drum sound EVER on a soundboard tape.

from Mike Parisi’s collection

Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Namakichi Dragon
Remix via Izotope rx7 (drop drums, boost bass and guitar)

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