This one is somewhat of a mystery. It was on the end of Wayne’s master recordings of New Method 8/2/86. He is not sure where it came from, but he offers this context:
“I can’t even remember what that was from. Chris Dodge and myself used to go to the Maximum RocknRoll house all the time. Tim had numerous tapes lining the top of his record shelves. Once or twice we brought our tape decks and spent all day recording our favorites from Tim’s collection. I think I even ran out of room and started adding stuff to pre existing tapes that had room at the end.”

Since this was at the end of a master tape and it hastily cuts in, I am running with it. This is likely to be from Tim’s MRR archive.

Teenage warning were Barrie Evans and Todd Kramer (later to be in Christ on Parade amongst others), Kevin Reed (later Attitude Adjustment), and Jim Lyon.

More context from Barrie Evans: “This was recorded on a 4 track in Todd’s mom’s dining room which we used to practice in. I gave this tape to Tim Yohannan and he played ” My Life ” on MRR. Eric asked me what Song 1) was and song 9) Song 1 is Depression and since we played War twice, 9 is either “Skate” or “My Life”. We passed this tape around to friends and clubs. Wes Robinson being the one who really liked it and had us play a million times. This recording was in March of ’83. Barrie – Jim – Kevin – Todd. The original line up.”

Recorded by: ?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

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