Gravelgut- 1980s demos Sacramento Thrash Metal Punk R.I.P. Chris White

I found out today that an old friend/acquaintance from the “old days” passed away recently. Chris was in our Roseville/Rockin metal/punk scene in the 1980s and he was lead singer/guitarist of the band Gravelgut. I went to school with drummer Troy Tausch and knew the guys well. I As a tribute, I thought I’d post the one of the only recordings that I have of the band. These demos are pretty damned good, listening after 30 years. Nice job Chris, Dustin and Troy. Sorry to friends and family for your loss. I can also upload a pretty poor sounding recording of the Jones Hall show in 1986, opening for Exodus if you’d like.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy