The Rosebuds- Harlow’s, Sacramento Ca. 12/22/18 Multicamera Jerry Perry Benefit Taperjim + 3Cameras

Last December, many of us got together to help our friend Jerry Perry at a benefit concert. 6 bands from Jerry’s long booking history stepped up to play sets for the sold out show.
The Rosebuds opened the show, and I was so excited to see them! I was friends with them back in the late 80s/early 90s and I liked the band, but I really didn’t fully appreciate them until later on. They got together for the first time since the early 90s, wrote song in tribute to Jerry, and played a great set for the early crowd.
Thanks to Marc Malakie for making this happen & promoting the show, Brian McKenna for providing venue + promotion, plus Eric, Dennis and many more for their hard work to make it happen.

Recorded by: Jim McLain & Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon R500, HFG30, HFG40, Gopro amongst others.
Edit by: Jim McLain
Audio recording & Matrix work: Jim McLain
You can continue to help Jerry & his wife Linda here:

Live Concert Video

The Rosebuds- Cattle Club 7/13/91 Audio Only xfer from DAT Master Enhanced

I posted this show a couple of years back, but that was before I had Izotope so the board mix was not balanced. I was able to make it sound pretty good with the rebalance. Guitars distort for a few seconds at the beginning.
Btw, when I talk about the board mixes not being great, I am not bagging on my good friend and Cattle Club soundman Eric Bianchi. He was responsible to make the room sound good, and if stage volume was high, the board mix was not going to sound great in a club of that size. I am thankful he was so cool and supportive over the years.

Recorded/transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D3 lined into soundboard, Sony PCMR500 and M-Audio Audiophile card for transfer
Rebalance in Izotope: flat Vocal, +5db bass, +3db drums, +7db guitar.

Audio Live Concert

The Rosebuds- Candlerock Lounge, Sacramento Ca. 8/18/90 xfer from master tape enhanced

When I saw The Rosebuds play the Jerry Perry benefit last December, I mentioned to Jim Rivas that I had filmed them back in 1990. So, at his request, here is The Rosebuds from the glorious Candlerock lounge. I can’t believe this place is still open- it was dying back in 1990!
The lighting was pretty uneven, so I tried to enhance it a bit by brightening and increasing exposure. You can now see the right hand side of the stage a bit.
The Rosebuds have always been one of my favorite Sacramento bands, and their performance at Jerry’s benefit was special. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 & Sony ECM-909 mic
Enhancement: Adobe Premiere to brighten and increase exposure, Neat Video to de-noise.


Live Concert Video