King Diamond- El Dorado Saloon, Sacramento Ca. 8/13/86 xfer from Beta master tape

and finally, here is what exists of the King Diamond set. I will ask Marc why this is so short, when I drop the tape off today. I bet he got shut down.

Recorded by: Boston Marc
Equipment Used: Old beta camcorder

Here’s the backstory on the whole thing:
So I am probably going to go on forever about this one. I knew of a guy who filmed concerts in Sacramento back in the mid-80s. In fact, I gave him $20 to film my old punk band in 1987. I have been searching for this guy for YEARS. I was happy to reconnect with my old friend Jeff Maxwell a while back, and he remembered him but only had a first name- Mark.
So I was hanging out with Mike Parisi and I mentioned my search for 80s video guy, and he connected me to Mark Horner(formerly “mark the dark” of Arson), who told me he knew the guy! He gave me his name and number and I “cold called” him. It turns out that he has been wanting to get his videos on the internet, and Sac Music Archive sounded like a great place to do it! Thanks to everyone for making the connection happen!
So we hit a snag- he could not find the tapes. He finally found 1 of the tapes- a 30 year old BETA (not VHS) tape that was recorded in EP mode… and it looks AMAZING considering the age and equipment back then. WOW! Thanks Marc for filming and for loaning this to me.

Live Concert Video