Buzzcocks: I-Beam, San Francisco Ca. 11/27/89 xfer from cassette

Here is another Buzzcocks show from the archive, during their first trip out west after they reunited in 1989. So my notes on this one say “1st gen cassette, done with my deck”. I can’t remember who borrowed my equipment to record this show- was it you, Mark Martin?
Anyway, I remixed it and took the edge off the high end and boosted the hell out of the bass. It was thinner before, believe it or not.

Recorded by: ?
Equipment used: Sony WMD6C Pro Walkman, Sony ECM909 mic.


Audio Live Concert

Thin White Rope- I Beam, San Francisco Ca. 3/20/89 Enhanced xfer from Master VHS Tape

Again, HUGE thanks to Paul Ashby for trusting me (and usps) with his master VHS tapes.

Here’s what I did to enhance this one:
VHS Playback/Transfer with JVC HRS9800U w/TBC on, into Canopus ADVC300
Adobe Premiere Elements to birghten, increase contrast, haze removal. Noise reduction via Neat Video.
Export to MP4 at 1080p.

Recorded by: Paul Ashby
Transfer/Post Prd by: Shayne Stacy

Live Concert Video