Secretions & Milhouse SMF- California Tour Tape 2000

Here is a fun one from Charles Albright’s collection. This one has multiple shows from both The Secretions and Milhouse SMF, with some interviews/shenanigans in between… PLUS performances by the Peeping Toms & Stupid Jerks

I see lots of people I know in here: Mickie Rat, Danny Reynoso, Charles Albright, Lory Gilpatrick, Jeff Melendez, and I am sure I am missing some.

Here is some excellent commentary from Jeff Melendez:

This gem, filmed at the turn of the century, plays out more like a documentary than just show footage, although there is plenty of show footage. Fans of Final Summation?, The Peeping Toms were the precursor band. This line up was I think our last. we see our Stockton friends Steve, Adam Miller , and Ted Angelin the stupid jerks, who nowadays you might recognize Ted from The Mr. T Experience.

The story develops into a traveling spree where we find Milhouse SMF (Milhouse Reunion 2010) and The Secretions driving out to KDVS for a studio a live broadcast (Dated 1/6/00-ed). (Thanks to Bobby Jordan and Heather for the fade out)Scott Soriano gave us the honor of interviewing us and pushing the tour joke that we were hating on the bananas, which if you didn’t get it IT WAS A JOKE.
The live set by the secretions was beyond tight. In fact later when we arrive in Redding (anyone got the name of that pizza place?) they do it again with a performance that just dosent ever stop. Danny Reynoso how did you do it? So many songs in a row always getting faster and faster.

I haven’t watched all the way through but I know what’s in store for me. You will see us hanging with the Kansas City Stars, drinking beer after beer in a cemetery, threatening a plush banana ( that we stole from the loft) with a “blade”, you will see more driving Andre then Giant Van, you will see another set in Ashland I believe(I hope), but more than that and above all else you will see how Charles, Candice, and I got out of Citrus Heights and hit the road.

“C’mon let’s get in the van and hit the road! LETS GO!!!”


Recorded by: Mickie Rat, Bobby Jordan, Heather Crocker.

Live Concert Video