BARC- Cafe Colonial, Sacramento Ca. 10/12/19 4K UHD Live Lumix TZ200

Saturday was my wedding anniversary so we planned to go to dinner & a comedy show. We finished dinner early and had about 30min to kill, so we went to the cafe to see a BARC set… all 7 minutes of it!

This was the maiden voyage for the new Lumiz TZ200 point and shoot camera. It did OK I guess. There was pretty much no lighting so the low light sensitivity is WAY better than the TZ70 or TZ100. I kept trying to get a shot of the front of charlie but when I shot into the stage fog, the camera would freak out and I would lose focus. Ugh. I sure hope that doesn’t happen at Slayer next month.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Panasonic Lumix TZ200 w/Stock Mic

Live Concert Video

Barc – demo


2017. Sacramento.
Songs: Crumbling, Soldiers at the Ready, Rod Serling, Dripping, Oozing, Brachyura, Porcelain Government, Decapod Crustacea, Ringo Star, Parents They Just Don’t Understand, Gap Fashion Catalog, I Think It Was Russia, Face Down, Sorry Buddy, Turtle’s Dream, Theodore Sturgeon, Bob Ross, Nocturnal Diseases, Trab, Octupus’ Wasteland.

Demo Video