Dr. Frank- Old Ironsides, Sacramento Ca. 8/24/13 VIDEO

I missed the start of this set because Frank was showing as 2nd on the bill, which means that he would play 2nd to last. I was talking to friends in the bar and he started playing- as the opener! The only time ever that I had a request granted.. and what a request it was. Thanks Frank. I think this is recorded with my HFM30.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Canon HFM30 HD Camcorder with Stock Mic

Live Concert Video

BOBBY JOE EBOLA & THE CHILDREN MACNUGGITS – Luigi’s Fungarden, Sacramento, CA 09-26-09

I was going thru some old discs and found this old video of BOBBY JOE EBOLA & THE CHILDREN MAGNUGGITS filmed at Luigi’s Fungarden in 2009. This is the one BJE show that I missed do to me having the flu really bad. Thankfully, my buddy Cory taped it and I was able to watch it later. And now, I’m able to share it with you with his kind permission. Taped by Cory Wiegert.

Bobby Joe Ebola & Children MacNuggits
Luigi’s Fungarden
Sacramento, CA

Filmed by Cory Wiegert

Live Concert Video