Long old man rant warning!
Even with a google calendar tracking upcoming shows (after buying tickets to 3 shows on the same day a couple years back), I managed to buy tickets to 2 shows on the same day. I’m screwed! But then I realized that this show was a matinee and I could hit both.
I got to the club about 30min after doors and bands were not even setting up yet, but a ton of people showed up early to celebrate Peter which was really nice- it was like a high school reunion! I asked Dan for permission to video Oranger and Overwhelming Colorfast(he drummed for both bands) and got the ok. It was so crowded that it was hard for me to get set up. Bottom of the Hill is dark and I was turning into a trip hazard, all hunched down and getting cameras ready. So I went out to the car to get cards and batteries in cameras, cameras in mounts, etc. While I was out there, I hear noise from the club. It must be the opener.
So I get into the club and the band(who I thought was Kingdom First) was GREAT- great power pop with catchy keyboard melodies. They are well into their set so I plug the A10 in to the board and hit record, but keep the cameras in the bag since it was dark and packed.
Well, the band playing was Oranger and I totally blew it by not getting video. At least the board mix was good enough to rebalance- this sounds great! Thanks to the band for permission and sorry about the miss. Total rookie move. I DID get the rest of the bands on video.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony A10 into the soundboard
Rebalance in Izotope Rx8: Bass +8, Drums +1, Guitar -0.5

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