One of my favorite bands over the past 15 years has been Henry Clay People. They put out a slew of great albums, even recording the last one in Sacramento. Near Beer features 2 members from HCP, including Joey Siara on guitar and lead vocals. This was enough to get me (and Anonymous) to drive 2 hours each way on a weeknight to see them play a house show in Reno.
Tim Wainer is a longtime friend who we met through the postcardfromhell email list- he has put on shows at his house for the past 10(?) years. The room is about 12×12- if you want an intimate show, this is the place to be. In fact, Craig Finn from The Hold Steady is playing there soon.
It was great meeting the band- I got to talk to Joey for a bit- and the whole show had a great, laid back, house party vibe. Nice meeting Gia as well- we have a bunch of mutual friends and loved her Request Video cable show when I lived in Whittier in the 90s.
This is 1 camera of 3 that I crammed into that tiny room. I know the drum cam came out ok, I am not sure if I can salvage the Joey Cam. If so, there will be a 3 cam edit of this one.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HF G60 and Rode Videomic Pro Stereo
Degrain in Adobe Premiere Elements and Neat Video

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