I was supposed to see SEVEN CJ/7 seconds shows in the March/April time frame, and I ended seeing none. I had plans to see the first 5 shows and had to cancel due to work and home stuff. I had also booked a family vacation back east which coincided with Philadelphia/NYC and WDC. We went on vacation but the shows were cancelled. Then, I booked a run of 4 texas dates to make up for it, and those were also postponed. Let’s hope my last attempt to make this happen comes to fruition in Texas in early September. I am not going to tell you now much money I blew out of my rear end to see a band. Embarrassing.
Anyway, here is the CJ set from Ace of Spades earlier in the tour, when 7 seconds wasn’t touring with them yet. Enjoy.

It took a while for this one to get prepped- the audio on my master tape was super thin, so I had to wait for better audio. The audio has some slight issues in one channel on and off, but it is still WAY better than the audio from my little point and shoot.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Audio by ?
Equipment used: Panasonic Lumix ZS200
Audio/Video synch in Pluraleyes 4.0

One comment

  1. Wow! thank you for catching this show/ i’m rooting for you to make it to the post-july show/s!

    you are an awesome fan and I share your devotion towards many bands we both love!!!

    hey if it’s not taken away from your own family I think it’s totally justified, you work so hard (volunteering on top of your full employment) and you really deserve to be able to play the way you want! you deserve to get to see them.

    Seth and i had a blast at the hollywood show, made memories we’ll always treasure as a family together!

    🙂 happy sunday!


    Keely S. Dorran ksdorran@gmail.com

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