I thought I had posted this one years ago, back when I filmed it. Man, this doesn’t seem like 7 years ago. I got to this show WAY too early and while I was waiting, I was accosted by 2 or 3 drunk “old school” punks who wanted to punch me because they didn’t like my shirt. I guess you can never joke about the sacred DK logo.. who knew?
Anyway, the sound is only OK on this one. I asked the soundman for a board feed and it was his first night there and he was nervous about patching someone in. The room had high ceilings and the sound was muddy. You should hear the DPA mic audio for this one- total mud.
This was in that span where Pierre had stopped playing with the band regularly and before Fritz, so we have Pete Mittler on bass for this one. Good stuff.
This was one of those nighttime club shows during PRB. The place had a country theme- “Las Vegas Country Saloon” is the full name.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony HFG10 with Rode Videomic Pro Stereo and Canon HF200
Edit by Tromster

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