I was going to post this on the weekend, but I see that it is Erik Flannigan’s birthday today. I have never told this story, but Erik is responsible for me starting this hobby again about 10 years ago. In the mid to late 90s, grunge and punk got huge and people were bootlegging the hell out of my recordings. Bands got so big that you could never get permission, and if you made a decent tape, it would get bootlegged. It got so frustrating that it made the hobby no fun anymore. So I quit and these tapes lived in a closet.
Erik emailed me 10? years ago and asked if I could digitize this video of Buffalo Tom- there were people who wanted to see it. I politely declined and told him I was done with bootleggers. He then told me that with the advent of youtube/etc, all of these videos were free for everyone and DVD bootlegging was pretty much gone. Well, hot damn! Even though I work in tech, I wasn’t paying attention. So I eased back into the hobby with a PCM-M10 and DPA mics, then a consumer Canon camcorder… and it has snowballed into this. So thanks Erik. My wife hates it. Haha. This also means you are finally getting your thumb drive back with this video on it.
I took the hi8 tape and increased brightness and adjusted contrast, then degrained in Neat video. Took the DAT master recording and rebalanced it in Izotope RX8, then put it all together in Pluraleyes.
Audio starts about 20 seconds in- you can see me lay down the camera on my lap to start the DAT! Also, the levels are way too high for the first couple songs so you get a little distortion then I eventually adjust them.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TR-81(Video), Sony TCD-D3 and Nakamichi CM-300 Mic (Audio)
Video Enhanced in Adobe Premiere Elements (increased brightness and adjusted contrast, then degrained in Neat video)
DAT rebalanced in Ixotope RX8: Boost vocals and guitar, -2db on drums

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