Here is another really cool show from the UT archive. The soundboard mix starts off a bit shaky, but fills out nicely.

Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down/ Grindstone/ True to Life/ Chickamagua/ Watch Me Fall/ Give Back the Key to My Heart/ Anodyne/ The Long Cut/ Slate/ Atomic Power/ New Madrid/ Sandusky/ No Depression/ Acuff-Rose/ Steal the Crumbs/ Fifteen Keys/ We’ve Been Had/ Willin’

Recorded by: Tony Margherita?
Transferred by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: 1994 DAT transfer- Playback with consumer Aiwa belt drive deck (big regret)- Sony DTC690 using monster audio cables.
Equipment used: 2019 DAT to WAV transfer: Sony PCM-R500 — Audiophile 2496 card — WAV
Transfer Lineage: Band Archive Tape – My DAT (90 meter DAT in 32khz- big regret) – You

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