Back in 1992, I spent a week following Uncle Tupelo around the midwest. It was crazy- I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going. This was before GPS and I got myself into a couple of dumb situations that I’ll talk about in future posts.
This is the first show of the run… and probably the worst video. There was no place to set up my tripod, so I had to go handheld while standing on these bleacher-style seats on the side. Lots of heads in the way and it is a bit shaky.. but it is also the only performance of the Neil Young cover “motion pictures” caught on video. And it was my only time going to the legendary Lounge Ax venue, so it was still a good night.
The lighting was super uneven at the show. There were a couple of times (maybe 5-10min total) where Jay was lit extremely well, and the rest of the time lighting was low. I adjusted lighting for the majority of the set, which means that Jay is a bit overexposed at times.

Audio kicks in at about 25 seconds. I also have about 1 min video of the inside of lounge ax, if anyone wants to see it.

Video recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Audio recorded by: Jeff Segota
Video equipment: Sony TR81 w/Hi8 ME tape
Audio equipment: Unknown recorder & Shure VP88 mic
Enhancement/noise reduction in Adobe Premiere
Audio/Video synch in Plural Eyes
other work in Sony Soundforge & Avidemux

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