Wow, I forgot how good thing video is. This is the night after the Cattle Club show. We had not planned to go to Chico the next night, but the Sac show was so good that Mark Martin convinced us to go. The most vivid memory of this show was when me and Lawrence Crane (from Vomit Launch and Tape Op Magazine) were nerding out about music and bands. We got so obscure with our love for SF “early alternative” bands like Donner Party that Mark Arm (who was sitting in between us” threw up his hands and walked away! Ha ha, classic. Juanita’s (the burrito place connected to the venue) used to get kegs of special Sierra Nevada beers before the whole microbrew thing was a big deal. We had some special ale that tasted like aspirin and TRASHED us. Video sounds great and looks ok. Happy with it, 29 years later!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Aiwa CV80 & Sony ECM909

Mic Enhancement: Adobe Premiere to increase brightness & exposure, Neat video to reduce noise

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