After video cameras became affordable (below $1k) in the late 1980s, I bought my camera and started filming as many shows as I could. I would make friends with people who did the same in other cities and trade copies of videos. Every once in a while, requests for trades would come from unusual places. This is one of those odd ones- I never traded with the guy who we got tapes from, but my good friend Anonymous knew him well. He was the intermediary, even though he didn’t really trade videos.
Another thing that just kills me about this video is that I threw out my 2nd gen copy of the show in the great divorce purge of 2005, thinking that is was common. Well, it wasn’t common- that happened more than once. Thankfully, Gary Shurtleff got a copy from me, so this is still watchable. This is a different angle than Louis Elovitz’ stage angle. In fact, his angle and this one would probably edit together nicely, if we could locate the master tape of this angle.

Recorded by: David?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC HRS9900U and Canopus ADVC300

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