Big thanks go out to Jim McLain for showing me how to brighten and remove noise/snow from my old videos. Sure, this one looks like crappy security camera footage now, but you should have seen it before! And after brightening and before noise reduction, it looked like the band was playing in a blizzard. So, this is the best that this one will get.

My most salient memory of the night was that I blew up my nice car on the way to the show and missed IGD’s set. Blew a head gasket. Then, someone took me in the back of their truck to get gas, because I was an idiot and did not know what was wrong with the car. We were in the back of the truck and this guy was going WAY too fast on a freeway cloverleaf. He had rolled the truck before, so I asked him to slow down. “I know exactly how much the truck can take before it rolls”. Happy to live through that one.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 with stock mic
Enhanced by Shayne Stacy using Adobe Premiere elements/Neat Video

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